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Panificio Crosara: Founded in 1952 by Crosara Claudio.
Since then, Panificio Crosara has always been dedicated to the ancient art of bread, preserving and passing from generation to generation little secrets and great ideas to produce the bread in a strictly natural way. Over the years, bread has been joined by the artisan production of sweets and unique products such as panettoni and colombe!


Fresh and genuine raw materials, ancient recipes handed down by the grandfather, new trends in flavor and the search for new forms are at the base of our daily baked work. Following the principles of traditional craftsmanship, 15 qualified collaborators ensure the constant supply of a wide range of always fresh and appetizing bread, always up to the demands of the most demanding customers.

The crunchy sound, the beauty of the form and the individual note of flavor are expressions of the very high competence achieved in the artisanal bakery.

Davide Scarpa

Tel: +(39) 320 4463 483

E-mail: davide.s@panificiocrosara.it