The two best and most holy smells are those of warm bread and rain-soaked earth.

“Ardengo Soffici”


Today as then, Panificio Crosara produces bread in a traditional way different types of bread, like sourdough bread, but also taralli, crostini and focaccia.


Experience and tradition come together to create unique products with inimitable taste and look. Simplicity and creativity are the essential ingredients to create the confectionery products of Panificio Crosara. Each pastry product is a unique creation of taste and flavor created to accompany your sweetest moments.


Panificio Crosara offers various bakery products: from the typical “lingue di suocera” to the most delicious spicy sticks. Always with the right balance between innovation and tradition, our oven offers a range of handmade products made with natural ingredients and fresh top quality, with the best processing methods.

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